Your First Fish Dish

Your First Fish Dish

Don’t be afraid of cooking this fish dish for your kids. This recipe is a great ‘starter fish dish’ for you to try on your family. The secret is in the seasoning. Make sure you select any type of ‘white fish’ that is mild in flavor and you will be guaranteed a success… If you kids ask, just tell them it’s Chicken!

Shopping List: Feeds a family of 4

4 – 6 oz. Mahi-Mahi Filets (or other white fish)

1-     Cup of Seasoned Bread Crumbs

2-    Tablespoon, Parmesan Cheese, Shredded

1-    Tablespoon, Light Brown Sugar

2-    Teaspoons of Olive Oil

1-    Tablespoon, Sliced Almonds

One (1) Egg, Remove yolk, keep the egg white

Equipment: Fry Pan with lid or a way to cover. Lightly greased with olive oil, Medium Heat

Cook Like a Dad Steps:

Mix all dry ingredients, (Bread Crumbs, Cheese, Sugar and Almonds) and sliced almonds into a shallow bowl. The bowl should be shallow enough to allow you to dip the fish fillet. Then in a separate bowl, mix the egg white with approx. 2- tablespoons of water. The mixture should have a watery ‘snot’ look to it…

Before you place the frying pan on the Stove…

Take a napkin and wipe olive oil on the napkin. Then take napkin and wipe the fry pan cooking surface. This is the best way I know on how to ‘lightly grease pan” without making a mess. Now, turn on your stove and place pan over medium cooking heat. Allow pan to heat up for 7- 10 minutes.

Take one fish fillet, dip fish on both sides of the ‘egg white’ mixture, then place damp fillet into the dry mixture. Make sure both sides have plenty of breading and place fish fillet in fry pan. Place lid or cover over fish.

7 minutes…. Time to flip!

Or until you see the fish fillet begin to ‘sweat’ on the top surface, (this tells you that the fish is cooking all the way through). Flip over and cook other side with lid over the pan for another 5 minutes and you are ready to serve. My Cook Like a Dad Tip for this dish is to have a ‘drizzle’ of honey to place on the top of the fish. At this point, you have completely transformed this fish into a chicken dish… Just kidding!

For more information about this recipe, just click here to watch the video and learn more about CookLikeADad. Enjoy!


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