Quick and Easy Gnocchi Recipe

Potato Gnocchi (no-key): Sometime in the future, your kids are going to ‘burn out’ on Pasta and you to need to have a back up plan. Gnocchi is my ‘Go To’ pasta substitution and I found that my kids love these soft little potato dumplings in an easy to make tomato sauce. Follow my three easy steps in this recipe and enjoy a new twist to your Pasta Night!

Ingredients: Serves a Family of 4

One (1) 17.5 oz. pkg. of De Cecco Potato Gnocchi

Two (2) 8 oz. Salmon Filets, cleaned and boneless

One (1) 28oz. Can of Crushed Tomatoes

One (1) 14.5 oz. Can of Tomato Sauce

Fresh Basil, Italian Parsley, Red Onion Chopped Fine

One (1) Lime

1- Tablespoon of Italian Seasoning

1-Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Equipment: Stove

3- Pans ( 9-inch Fry Pan, 2-Quart Boling Pot, 2-Quart Pot)


Cook Like a Dad Cooking Steps:

To make this all possible in 30 minutes or less, we are going to break the recipe down to 3 easy steps. The Sauce, The Fish and The Gnocchi.

Step 1: The Sauce

Let’s Make Sauce. The first step is to make your own pasta sauce. Empty your Tomato Cans into a large bowl. Take your Onion, Parsley, and Basil and chop them fine. Mix these herbs into the bowl of your Tomato sauce and then add the dry Italian seasoning. Cut your lime in half and squeeze all juice out of lime as possible into the bowl of sauce. Place the entire contents into a lightly greased (Olive Oil) pot on the stove, low heat.

REMINDER: Heat up the second pot full of salted water ( 3 tablespoons of salt in the water)

Step 2: The Fish

I am hooked on Salmon because of the mild, kid-friendly flavor. Take your two filets and cut them in half. A little Pepper and salt is all you need to season them and wipe both sides of the filet with Olive Oil. Place your Fry Pan on Medium heat and put your filets into the pan. Allow each side of the fish to cook for 7 minutes, (Total 14- minutes). Take your Tomato sauce pot and pour the entire contents in the Fish pan and set on low heat. Allow to simmer.

Step 3: The Gnocchi (No-Key)

Now that you have a boiling pot of salted water, dump the entire package of Potato Gnocchi into the pot. Stir the Gnocchi frequently. The best way to know when your Gnocchi is cooked is when all of the little dumplings rise to the surface. Watch my video and you will see how the entire contents will rise when ready. Empty water out of the pan and allow Gnocchi to cool and dry in a separate bowl.

Ready to Eat: Servings

Place the Gnocchi dumplings at the bottom of a shallow bowl. Take your fish filet and place on top of the Gnocchi and pour the tomato sauce on top of the fish and Gnocchi. Accent the dish with freshly graded Parmesan Cheese and enjoy with a loaf of French Bread and butter.


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