Learn How To Make Coconut Rice

How To Make Coconut Rice

Every meal needs a side dish. It’s important to have an easy to make side dish because you need your attention on the main course. The key is making sure that you are cooking both your Main dish and your Side dish simultaneously in order for the meal to taste fresh when serving. This Coconut rice recipe goes great with any Chicken, Fish, Beef or Pork dish; and it’s easy to make.

Ingredients: Serves a Family of 4

1-Cup Jasmine, Long Grain Rice

2-Cups Water

1- Can of Coconut Milk

1- Tablespoon, Butter

1-2 Tablespoons, Powdered Sugar


2-Quart Pot with Lid

Measuring Cup

CookLikeADad Cooking Steps :  Total Cooking Time 30 Minutes

Step1:  3 to 1 Ratio Reminder

The key to this recipe is keeping a 3 to 1 ratio of Liquid to Rice. That means, for every 1-Cup of Rice, I need to have 3-Cups of liquid. I want my rice to be ‘sticky’ in this recipe and keeping my rice with plenty of water and coconut milk is going to make that happen.

Step 2: Keep Stirring

Take 1-Cup of rice and place in your cooking pot. Add 2-cups of Water and 1-can of Coconut milk. Place pot over Med-Hi Heat, add 1-Tablespoon of Butter and up to 2-Tablespoons of Powdered Sugar. The butter will keep the rice from sticking to the pot, as well as keeping the rice lubricated; the powdered sugar sweetens the rice just right.  Continue to stir the rice slowly in the pan and make sure the powdered sugar has blended into the mixture. You will notice that the pot will begin to boil quickly. Drop your heat setting to medium once the rice begins to boil. You don’t want your liquids in the pot to evaporate too quickly. Repeat stirring for 15 minutes or as you begin to see the liquid line drop down to the rice line.

Step 3: Watch the Rice Line

Once the liquids have dropped down to the rice line, place lid over the pot and drop the heat down to the lowest setting, and Simmer the rice for another 10 minutes. Keep rice covered and then after the 10 minutes are up, allow the rice to set covered with no heat, up to 5 minutes.

When you are ready to serve, open lid and take a fork to the rice and “rake” the rice. This means to use the fork and “fluff” the rice. Serve warm with your main dish and enjoy.

CookLikeADad Cooking Tip: You can make this rice early and the week and keep it refrigerated and covered. Re-heat in the microwave and serve throughout the week with your other meals and you have a ready to go side dish!


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