How To Make Healthy Mashed Potatoes

CauliflowerAndPotatoes1How To Make Healthy Mashed Potatoes

Ingredients / Shopping List:  Feeds up to a Family of 6

1-Head of Cauliflower

3-Large Russet Potatoes

1-TableSpoon Butter

2-TableSpoon of Mayo

¼ Cup of Milk

Salt & Pepper to flavor

Optional Item: Bacon Bits

Cooking Equipment: Large Mixing Bowl, Hand Mixer, 4-Quart Boil Pot with Lid, Optional Steaming pot.


Cook Like a Dad Cooking Steps:

This is one of those family recipes that you do not have to share a lot of information with your kids. Let’s just say that it’s better sometimes not to tell anyone that the secret ingredient in the recipe is good for you… like another vegetable. It’s hard enough these days to get enough vegetables in our kids and I am going to show you how CookLikeADad can help.  The cauliflower adds ‘fluff’ to your potatoes and it has a very mild taste so that nobody can tell that you made a healthy version of a great American classic: Healthy Mashed Potatoes.

Cut, Steam and Boil…

Take Cauliflower and cut it down to fit into your boiling / steam pot. In this recipe, I am using the steam pot and boiling pot to get both my potatoes and cauliflower cooked and softened as quickly as possible. Allow 15-minutes to cook.

15-Minutes Later…

Take Potatoes and Cauliflower out of Pot to cool. Take a fork and scrape off potato skins while the potatoes are cooling. Place Cauliflower and potatoes back in a mixing bowl. Add Salt, Pepper, (and Bacon Bits) at this time. Take Hand mixer and set at low setting and begin to mix Potatoes and cauliflower and add the rest of your ingredients; 1- Tablespoon of Butter, ¼ Cup of Milk, 2-Tablespoons of Mayonnaise.  Don’t over mix your mashed potatoes; the cauliflower should help keep things light and fluffy.

This is a great side dish to serve with any meal. They are also great to keep as leftovers and refrigerate for another meal later in the week. Enjoy the video!


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