Cracker Chicken Casserole

brocc-casserole-11Cracker Chicken Casserole: It doesn’t matter how fussy your kids can be with your cooking; this chicken casserole recipe is guaranteed to make even the pickiest eaters in your family want a second helping… Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.


Shopping List: Feeds a Family of 4

Four (4) 6 oz. Boneless Chicken Breasts

One (1) 15 oz. Box of Ritz Crackers

One (1) Stick of Butter (Salted Butter)

One (1) 10.5 oz Can of Cream of Chicken Soup

One (1) 10.5 oz Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup

One (1) 16 oz. Container of Sour Cream

Black Pepper for Seasoning

Optional Items: Package of Cut Mushrooms, 2 Celery Stalks and 2 Carrots cut down to small chunks.

Equipment: Casserole Pan (Glass or Metal Pan), Small Pot to boil Chicken, Mixing bowl

Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees F*


CookLikeADad Cooking Steps:

Chicken Out!

Take two cups of water and place in a pot and set over medium-high heat and get to a boil. Take your Chicken Breasts and place in pot of boiling water and cook for a minimum of 12- 15 minutes. Once you have cooked the chicken, place lid over the pot with chicken and turn off the heat and allow the chicken to sit with the water to create broth. At this time you can take the optional Carrot and Celery chunks and place in the pot of hot water to soften.

Next Step: Crush the Crackers

Take (3) tubes of the Ritz Crackers and mash them up with your hands while the crackers remain in their package. Spread the crushed crackers along the bottom of your casserole pan and keep about a cup of the cracker crumbles for later, ( You will need some for topping). Take the stick of salted butter and place on top of the cracker spread and heat up the entire contents in a microwave for about 20 seconds or enough to soften the butter. Mix the butter all around with the cracker crumbles. Set pan with cracker crumbles aside and work on the next step…

Mixing Time:

Open and mix Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom Soups together in a mixing bowl. Add the entire contents of Sour Cream as well. This mixture will appear thick, but that’s why we saved the chicken broth. Add one cup of the chicken broth into the mixing bowl and stir the entire contents slowly and evenly… You can also add the optional veggie items like the mushrooms, celery and carrot chunks into the mix at this time.

Chicken Time:

Take your Chicken breasts out and cut them down to small chunks the size of a quarter. Place all chunks on the cracker crumble base in the casserole pan. Now that all of the chicken is in the casserole pan, you need to add your soup mixture on top of the chicken. Pour entire contents into the pan and spread evenly. Once you have all of it in the pan and spread, it’s time to add the remaining cup of cracker crumbles to top the casserole.

Baking Time: 30 Minutes

Since most of our items are already pre-cooked, you can cut the cooking time in the oven to 30 minutes or when you see the cracker crumbles brown at the top. Allow the pan to cool for a few and serve warm with a side dish of vegetables.

This is one of my family favorites and all three of my children ask for it by name. Whether you call it, “Cracker Chicken, or Chicken Cracker Casserole” I guarantee you that you will have positive reviews of this simple, but effective Cooking for Kids Recipe from CookLikeADad. Enjoy!


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