How To Make Summer Sangria

sangria-3Summer Sangria

Summertime means its Sangria time and CookLikeADad is going to show you how to make both White and Red Sangria for your next, adult summer party. Adult Party Beverages for Dads who want to know How To Make Sangria.



One (1) Bottle of Red Wine, (Zinfandel, or Merlot)

One (1) Bottle of White Riesling Wine

One (1) Bottle Chardonnay Wine

One (1) Bottle of Triple Sec

Two (2) 12 oz. Cans of 7-Up, Lemon Lime Soda or Club Soda

Four (4) Oranges, Limes and Lemons, (Sliced in quarters for squeezing)

Optional Add: Seasonal fruit like Strawberries, cherries or blueberries, if available

Equipment: 2 Large Serving Pitchers, Lots of Ice and Friends


CookLikeADad Steps:

Red First, White Second. I plan to make two pitchers of Sangria for this recipe and I am going to start with the Red Sangria first. Take your first serving pitcher and fill with ice. Then add two shots of Triple Sec and begin squeezing half the Oranges, Lemons and Limes into the mixture, (Keep the other half for the white Sangria). Pour half the bottle of Red into the pitcher while gently stirring the mix. Add the can of 7-Up and continue to stir. Top off the Red Sangria with some of the White Riesling wine…


The Best Part: Testing the Taste

Give your Sangria a taste test after you have completed your steps. You should be able to taste a good combination of wine and fruit with a little fizz from the soda. If you want a sweeter Sangria, just add another shot or two of Triple Sec and 7-Up. The best way to enjoy your Sangria is to allow the mixture to set a little, (But I will never fault anyone who has to keep testing their Sangria).


Time for The White Sangria

Repeat Step 1 with the same portions of ingredients, only using the White Chardonnay as your base white wine. For a more detailed recipe, watch the attached video and enjoy your Summer Sangria from


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