How To Make Ice Cream at Home Without Ice Cream Maker

vanilla-ice-creamYou Scream, Ice Cream, I Scream for School to Start…

Summer is coming to an end and I think my kids have made it a mission to empty my refrigerator on a weekly basis. Their constant snacking has made me result to my “Mc Giver” instincts. I ‘m too far away from the grocery store; so I have come up with some creative ideas on how to make home made ice cream without an ice cream maker. Watch this video and follow the recipe and share my mission on hoping that school starts sooner this year

Ice Cream Without The Ice Cream Maker

Berry Ice Cream: Feed a Family of Four


3 to 4 Cups of Frozen Berries or Fruit

1 Cup Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla ( Mc Giver says,  or whatever you have at home)

½ Cup of Low fat Milk (I use 1%)

Pinch of Salt

Equipment: Blender, Freezer space, Container safe for freezing your mixture


Cook Like A Dad Recipe Steps

Berry, Meets Blender

Take your 3 to 4 cups of frozen Berries or Fruit and place in blender. Add Creamer and Milk into the mix. Blend until you have the entire mixture one color and smooth; void of any chunks. Since the berries are frozen, you could serve this mixture immediately, however, for best results; place the entire contents into a container and put in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Cook Like a Dad Cooking Tip: While you are waiting a couple hours for the mixture to thicken and freeze; now is a great time to negotiate household chores to be completed before serving your children Ice Cream.

Nobody get a free ride in this household. Enjoy the video!


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