Cooler Friendly Sandwich: The BLT & Pita Sandwich

blt-7The Cooler Friendly Sandwich: BLT & Pita

For a family on the go, the best mid day meal to take on the road is a sandwich. My Video Recipe shows my kids and I at the beach making our famous, BLT on Pita Bread.  Quick and Easy, Healthy Kids recipes on

Ingredients: Feeds Family of three

(1) 8 oz. Package of Oscar Meyer, Pre-Cooked Bacon

(1)  14 oz. Package of  Sara Lee, Pita Bread

16 oz. Tube of Best Foods, Mayonnaise

16 oz. Mustard, (I prefer Dijon Mustard)

(1) Medium Tomato Sliced and packaged in Sandwich Bag

Lettuce, Washed and placed in sandwich bag


CookLikeADad Recipe Steps:

When you travel with a cooler, it is important to plan ahead on your meals. I made sure to slice my tomatoes and pull my lettuce and package before I set out on my trip. I also chose the pre-cooked bacon, because that takes all the mess out of preparing bacon. Finally, I chose to buy the “squeezable” containers of mayo and mustard. The cooler I use has wheels, which basically allows me to pack and travel with more than I really need…

As you can see in this video, the recipe is pretty self-explanatory. I like to use Pita bread with my cooler meals because it is a perfect way to package my sandwich with minimal mess, (remember, I have kids who love to make messes). There are many healthy varieties of Pita bread and the one I chose on this recipe was the whole wheat.

With a few simple steps, you can have the same simple BLT & Pita Sandwich that my family enjoyed on this beach trip. I hope you like the video. Enjoy!


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