Halibut, Vera Cruz Style

Halibut Vera Cruz Style…

I am happy to say that I love living along the coast of San Diego. I have some of the best neighbors anybody can ask for. Most of my neighbors are active in water sports and let me tell you the best, “neighborhood advice” I can give you:

“Make friends with a Doctor, and Orthodontist and someone who owns a Boat…”

Having a neighbor that owns a boat means you get to enjoy the pleasures of boating, without the head aches. I always offer gas money to my neighbor Dan who seems to take a liking to me and my homemade Sangria Recipe, (that’s another recipe). Anyways, San Diego is home to some of the best year -around sport fishing and Dan popped in with a large California Halibut. This is a great fish to grill because of the density of the meat. A thick, steak like firmness means you cant go wrong with just throwing it on the grill, however, I wanted to impress my neighbor with my Latin roots and make him a dish I remember my mother teaching me whenever my Dad and I came back with the day’s catch. Halibut Vera Cruz Style has great memories for me when I was young and I want to share you my family recipe.

Vera Cruz Style

There are many variations of ingredients to this recipe, so feel free to gauge your level of flavor and spiciness. I like to use Jalapeño Chili because I can remove most of the seeds, which will help lower the heat level. Just make sure to wear gloves and thoroughly wash your hands after touching any type of chili. I also like to offer the optional items such as olives and sun dried tomatoes in this recipe. I have Mexican, Spanish and Italian roots, so as you can see with this recipe, it has become International…







Ingredients: Feeds a Family of 4

1.5 lbs. (pounds) of Halibut Or any variety of White Fish

(1) Medium Lemon, Sliced

(1) 3 oz. Can of Herdez, Verde Sauce

(1) Medium Yellow Onion, Sliced thin

(1) Orange or Yellow Pepper

(1 or 2) Jalapeño Chilies

(1) Clove of Garlic, peeled and chopped

1 Tablespoon of Black Pepper And Garlic Salt

Bunch of Cilantro, Remove stems and chop fine

Optional Item: Green and Black Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes

Equipment: Aluminum Foil, BBQ Grill on MED/High Setting,

Total Cooking and Prep Time: 30 minutes or less…

Cooking Steps:

Pre-heat Grill to Medium / High Setting

Take a Large sheet of Aluminum Foil. Lightly grease the foil with cooking spray.

Next, open the can of Green sauce and pour half the can on the surface of the foil. Now lay the chopped garlic, Onion Slices, and Yellow pepper over the bed of green sauce. At this point you can add the “optional items” of olives and sun dried tomatoes with the rest of the ingredients on the foil.

Keep the Halibut Steak in one large piece and season both sides with the Black Pepper and Garlic Salt.  Place the Halibut in the middle of the “foil bed”.  Add the chopped Cilantro, sliced Jalapeños and the remaining leftover ingredients on top of the fish. Squeeze the Orange juice over the top of the fish and wrap up the fish. You want to be able to fold both sides of the foil to completely cover the fish and liquids. It will look like a “boat” when you close the two sides together.

Place on Grill

Allow approximately 15 minutes to cook, or when the fish appears firm and bright white. Take Fish off the grill and allow the fish to cool for 5 minutes before serving. You can use the remaining Verde Sauce to top the fish when serving.


Open the “Foil Boat” and enjoy! Serve with rice or a fresh garden salad. Great for leftover fish burritos





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