Salmon BLT

Salmon BLT

Yeah, I did it all-right… I found the perfect way to feel healthy eating my favorite BLT sandwich. All I did was just add a salmon burger patty and made myself guilt-free.  Learn my weekend sandwich recipe that every Dad needs to know about… The Salmon BLT.


One lazy, hot summer weekend in San Diego, I was hungry and alone. It’s not often I can remember being alone in my house on a weekend, but remember that I was all-alone with my hunger.

So, what does CookLikeADad like to eat on a weekend? Well, this recipe was built around a little guilty pleasure. I love a BLT & Avocado sandwich and I was looking for a healthy way around this sandwich recipe, so I went out to the nearest Costco store an bought some Salmon burger patties. I figured adding the Omega 3’s to this sandwich would allow me to feel good about myself..


So my recipe looks like this:

4 Strips of Extra thick Oscar Meyer Bacon

½ of Ripe Avocado, sliced.

2 Slices of Roma Tomato

Fresh Lettuce

Salmon Patty, grilled

French’s Mustard

Best Food Mayonnaise

Multi Grain Bagel as a bun

My Son and Silver Salmon caught in Alaska








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