Mexican Poached Eggs

poached-eggs-in-pasta-sauce1Mexican Poached Eggs

Learn how to make a traditional Mexican breakfast dish called, Huevos Agados, otherwise known as Mexican Poached Eggs. You don’t have to be a fancy cook to enjoy this traditional Mexican breakfast dish. Cook Like A Dad is going to show you how to make this in 30 minutes or less…

Mexican Breakfast

This recipe brings back some fond memories as a kid growing up in Riverside, California. Every Sunday after church, my family would come home and have a traditional Mexican brunch. My mother would make a Mexican Poached Egg dish called, Huevos Ogados, which translates to, “Drowned Eggs”. These eggs were poached in a rich, homemade, salsa sauce and covered with herbs and cheese. I am thankful for those Sunday breakfast memories, and even more thankful to the easy access to Mexican foods in California. I want to share this traditional Mexican meal using some easy to find ingredients in your local grocery store so you can enjoy this flavorful dish my Mom made called, Mexican Poached Eggs.


Eggs, as many as you want

(1) Large Jar of La Victoria Salsa ( Link)

(1) Bunch of Cilantro Herb

(1) Bunch of Green Onions

(1) Thick Slice of White or Yellow Onion, Chopped Fine

(1) Tablespoon of Minced Garlic

(1) 8 oz. Package of Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Graded

(1) Package of your favorite Tortillas, CookLikeADad likes Canasta Tortilla’s (Link)

Equipment: 2–Quart Pot


Cooking Steps: Start Chopping!

Prep your meal by taking both Green and Yellow or White Onion and chopping the onions into a fine chop. Se aside and do the same chopping style with the Cilantro herb. It’s perfectly fine to include a little bit of the Cilantro stalks in this recipe, but mainly include the leaves of this aromatic herb. When done, set aside the Cilantro and heat your 2-Quart Pot on a Med/Low setting.

Lightly oil the base of the pot and add the onions into the pot. Allow the onions to brown for a bit and add the tablespoon of minced garlic. Stir the ingredients together and keep heat at a low simmer. At his point, you want to take your La Victoria Chunky Salsa and pour the entire contents into the pot of garlic and onions. Next, add the cilantro into the mix and stir the entire contents slowly together. Keep the pot of salsa covered with a lid and let simmer for 10 minutes, or until the salsa begins to boil.

Got Eggs?

When you lift the lid of your pot, make sure to stir the salsa one more time before dropping the eggs. I like to use a spoon and “stir an opening” area of my pot of salsa and drop one egg at a time. I do this because I want my egg to drop below the surface and hit the bottom of my pot. Continue to do this method until all of your selected eggs have been dropped into your pot. Keep covered for another 12- 15 minutes. You will see the egg yolk begin to whiten amongst the red salsa, and that is a good indicator that your egg has been cooked thoroughly. At this point you want to turn off the heat, sprinkle your cheddar cheese and serve warm.

You can also accent this meal with re-fried beans and tortilla’s.



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