Pinwheels, A healthy after school snack for kids

pinwheelPin Wheels: A Fast, Healthy After School Snack

The next time your kids want an after school snack, make the healthy choice by making Pinwheels. This video recipe calls for broccoli and it is easy to hide the flavor and keep all the nutrition. Pinwheels is a perfect after school snack that your kids will enjoy, just don’t tell them that it is healthy!


After School Snacking

It’s easy just to say, “Yes to the Mess” of unhealthy snacks these days. However, CookLikeADad is on a yearlong campaign to offer parents healthy alternatives. Pin Wheels can be made with a variety of fruits and vegetables. I am using broccoli in this video to show you how it is easy to “hide” the taste of this vegetable without compromising the nutrition.

Watch the video and try this snack on your kids and I will make a believer out of you!


Broccoli- Use the crowns / florets and trim the tops off (see video)

(1) Package of Tortillas. Cook Like a Dad prefers Canasta Tortilla’s

(1) 12oz. Container of Cream Cheese


Cooking Steps: Heat Tortilla’s

This recipe can be made in 15 minutes or less and there is very little prep time. I like to buy, Canasta, un-cooked tortillas.  When I am ready to use the tortillas, I just take a flat iron pan and re-heat as many tortillas that I need. In this video recipe, I am going to make a snack to feed two kids, plus me. I re-heated three tortillas and set them aside and kept them warm.

The next step is shaving the crowns of the broccoli. In my video recipe, I took a sharp knife and cut across the grain of the broccoli florets. This makes them “spray” onto my holding dish.  Shave three to four broccoli crowns and save.

Take a warm tortilla and spread your favorite cream cheese across the entire face of the tortilla. When done, sprinkle the broccoli shavings over the tortilla. The next step is to roll the tortilla into a tight roll. Cut rolled tortilla to create a “Pin Wheel”

It’s that easy!


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