Stuffed Mushrooms, Your Potluck “Go To” Recipe

stuffed-mushrooms-781658Stuffed Mushrooms, Your Pot Luck Solution

The fall season means its time for holiday potlucks. You need to have a quick and simple, “go to” recipe. Learn how to make stuffed mushrooms.



Ingredients: Feeds a party

(1) – Package of White Mushrooms

(1) – Package of Brown Mushrooms

(1) – 12 oz. Container of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Whipped

(1) – Bundle of Fresh Chives, Chopped fine

(1) – 8 oz. Package of Hormel Real Bacon Bits, Jalapeno flavor

1- Tablespoon, Lawry’s Garlic Salt



Oven or Toaster Oven, 350 Degrees

Mixing Bowl

Cooking Spray

Cookie Sheet


Potluck Season Begins

Whether it’s a work party, a football game or a holiday party; you are going to get invited to a potluck this fall. So this season, why not come prepared with a dish that everybody is going to love. This stuffed mushroom recipe is packed with flavor and can be ready in 30 minutes or less. Let CookLikeADad show you how to make stuffed mushrooms.



Cooking Steps: Mushroom Prep


Take your mushrooms out and make sure they are clean and free of dirt. Either wash with water or brush the mushrooms with a clean toothbrush. Set clean mushrooms in a bowl and begin the process of removing the stems from the mushrooms. Use your hands and gently remove the stems so you can create the “hole” in the mushroom where the cheese will go. Once all the mushrooms are done set them aside and pre-heat your oven setting to 350 Degrees.


It’s now time to mix your whipped cream cheese. A CookLikeADad time saving tip is that you can use the flavored cream cheese with chives and herbs instead of using my seasoning suggestions. For those using the standard, un-seasoned cheese, start your fresh mixture by combining the Hormel Real Bacon Bits and fresh chopped chives. Add a tablespoon of Lawry’s Garlic salt and mix well.


Take your cheese mixture and stuff each mushroom to cover the hole that you created with the missing stem. It’s perfectly fine to “Go Big” and pack your mushrooms with plenty of cheese. When all the mushrooms are stuffed, place them on a pan that has been lightly greased with cooking spray.


Bake for 15- 18 minutes, 350 Degrees.


Watch for the mushroom to leak a little moisture and brown while in the oven. You will notice the cheese will brown at the top as well. Avoid burning the cheese tops and allow the mushrooms to cool after baking.


For more cooking tips, watch the video and enjoy!


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