Easy Holiday Dessert Recipe, Banana-Berry Trifle

image002Easy Holiday Desserts

The holiday season calls for a variety of pies and cakes. Well I’m going to show you how you can go a different direction and still create the “WOW Factor” at the dinner table. Try this English Banana-Berry Trifle.  This recipe is so easy; I even had my two daughters make it!

Ingredients: Feeds a party of 4- 6

(2) 3.4 Ounce of Jell-O, Instant Pudding Mix, Vanilla Flavor

Milk, 1% Fat Milk, 3 ½ Cups

(1) 8oz. Container of “Light” Sour Cream

(1) 11oz. Carton of “Nilla” Wafers

(3) Bananas

(1) Pint /Container of Strawberries

(1) Pint / Container of Blueberries

(1) 8oz. Container of “Light/Reduced Calorie” Whipped Topping ( Cool-Whip)


CookLikeADad Cooking Steps:

Pudding Time!

Start this dessert dish by preparing the two cartons of Jell-O Vanilla Pudding mix according to the directions on the label. Once the pudding mix is thoroughly mixed, add the container of sour cream. This should make the mixture extra thick when properly mixed together. Place the bowl of pudding in the refrigerator and allow to cool for 10-12 minutes.

Next Step: Banana Berry Prep

My recipe calls for the combination of Bananas and berries. Like all CookLikADad recipes, I allow flexibility; so whatever berries you have available at your local grocery store will work fine with the bananas. Slice the bananas like in the video recipe and make sure if you are using strawberries you slice three-ways, (like in the video). After all fruit is cut, place in a “holding” bowl and get ready for the next step…

The Trifle Bowl

You don’t need a Trifle bowl to make this recipe work, however, make sure to have a glass bowl that is deep enough to show off your layers of pudding and fruity goodness.

Start your bowl by covering the entire bottom with Nilla Wafers. Add a combination of Bananas and Berries over the Nilla Wafers, (make sure you have covered the cookies with a good combination of fruit). Next, get your pudding mix out of the refrigerator and take about a third, (1/3) of your mix and pour smoothly over the fruit. This is your base.

Repeat another layer of cookies, fruit and pudding until you have used up all of your ingredients.

Final Touch

Now take your Whipped Cream and use it as the very last layer. You can set the Trifle back in the refrigerator and allow to cool for another 30 minutes, or serve immediately. You can also allow this dessert to sit overnight and serve the next day, (the cookies will soak up the juices and appear to be more like a pie crust). Either way, enjoy your holiday season with this easy to make holiday dessert from CookLikeADad.com


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