Kid Friendly, Cheesy Mushroom, Green Bean Casserole

Green_bean_casseroleKid Friendly, Cheesy Mushroom, Green Bean Casserole

Not all kids are created equal when it comes to eating veggies. You need to have a vegetable side dish that is both healthy and tasty enough that your kid will want a second helping. My CookLikeADad, Cheesy Mushroom Green Bean Casserole is guaranteed to do both; Give it a try!


Ingredients: Feeds a Family of 4 +plus

(1) Can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

(1) Can of Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese Soup

¾ Cup of 1% Milk

(1) Tablespoon Black Pepper

(1/2) Tablespoon of Lawry’s Garlic Salt

(1) 6oz. Container of French’s, French Fried Onions

(1) 8oz. Can of Sliced Mushrooms

(1) 24 oz. Bag of Frozen, Cut Green Beans ( allow to thaw, remove excess water).

Cooking Equipment: Stove, 350 Degrees, Large Mixing Bowl and Large Spoon to mix. Casserole Pan


Veggies vs. Kids

There will always be a battleground between kids and eating healthy vegetables. That’s why my family cooking strategy is focused on getting my child to prepare the veggie dish with me and offering a fun and playful environment. Most of the time when I prepare the meal together, my chances on having a positive outcome increase dramatically no matter what I am cooking.

In this video recipe, I have both of my daughters helping me prepare my Green Bean Casserole. I have changed my ingredients a little to cater to each of their particular interests. One likes cheese, so I am using Campbell’s Cheese Soup in my base; and my other daughter likes mushrooms, so I am adding Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. Both of these soups add more taste to my recipe and I recommend any parent wanting to try this recipe to incorporate your child’s feedback. As long as you use a “cream based” soup, you should be fine with whatever your child suggests in this recipe. I have used many different varieties, and still came out with a great tasting side dish. The funny thing about this recipe is the fact that my daughter’s were so caught up in the preparation and participation of this side dish, that neither one of them focused on the Green Beans, ( which is their least favorite Vegetable).

So the proof is in the results. Try this Green Bean Casserole and put your kids in the middle of this recipe and see how your results measure up to mine.

Cooking Steps: Mix Soups

Take both cans of soups and empty into a large mixing bowl. Add your ¾ Cup of 1% milk and mix well. Add your sliced mushrooms and mix the entire contents together with a large spoon. This mixture should appear “lumpy”, but mixed together. At this point, add your two spices (Pepper and Garlic Salt). Mix well again.

Pre-Heat Oven, 350 Degrees

Add ½ of your French’s French fried onions into the mixture and stir them into the mix. The last step is to take the thawed Green beans and add them into the mixture. As you can see in my video recipe, this has become a large mixture of color, (Yellow, Green and Brown).

Lightly grease your casserole pan and pour your contents into the pan. Bake uncovered for at least 20-minutes. You will see the top of the casserole brown evenly. That is your signal to remove the casserole and place the remaining French Fried onions as topping of the casserole and bake for an additional 5- 7 minutes.

Serve warm, Enjoy!


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