The Best Meatless Soup Recipe

The Best Meatless Soup Recipe

Part of our commitment for better family health, let us show you how to make an easy, meatless soup. Latino Dad Cooking Blogger, RJ Jaramillo and CookLikeADad are going to show you how to make this healthy soup recipe in 30 minutes or less.


Meatless Monday

Part of my new year resolutions are for me to be more conscious of my recipes and promoting a healthy diet. As a Cooking Blogger, it’s easy for me to forget the big picture on serving meals that can both be healthy and tasty to my children. As part of my commitment, I have decided to offer “alternative” ingredients.  Throughout my videos, my viewers will have healthy ingredient options to every recipe. Options like substituting the proteins and offering meatless alternatives. This is my way of showing how CookLikeADad is committed to better family health.

 Tofu & Vegetable Soup

In this recipe, I am going to show you and quick and simple vegetable soup recipe mixed in with some seasoned Tofu. The combination of healthy vegetables and Tofu offer a great combination of vitamins and protein.

Shopping List: Feeds a Family of 4

(1)  8oz. Package of Extra Firm Tofu, Cubed

(1)  16 – 18 oz. Container Of Chicken Broth

½ Cup Cilantro Leaves, Stems removed

(1)  Medium Lime

(2)  Carrots & Celery Stalks, Chopped

(1)  Slice of Brown Onion, Chopped Fine

(1)  Tablespoon, Olive Oil

(2)  Table Spoons, Course Black Pepper

(1)  Tablespoon, Garlic Salt and Sage Leaves

Equipment: 1 Large, 2-Quart Pot with Lid, 1-Small Fry Pan

Cooking Steps: Vegetable Prep

The first step in this recipe is to get the veggies all prepped. Chop Carrots and Celery and remove stems from the Cilantro. Take your slice of Brown onion and chop fine. This chopped onion will be used to start the cooking of the Tofu and seasoning the vegetables during the boiling process.

Next Step: Season the Tofu

Remove and drain the excess water from your Tofu package. Once the Tofu is damp dry, Add the Course Ground Pepper, Garlic Salt and Sage Leaves. Like all Cook Like A Dad Recipes, I want you to feel confident with your seasoning options. You are welcome to add, subtract, and mix different seasoning to the Tofu if you want. When done with the seasoning, take your soup pot, add your Olive Oil to the base of the pot and place on MED/HEAT.

Next Step: Add Onions

When Pot and Oil is heated, add onions to the base of the pot and allow to brown, NOT BURN!. Add seasoned Tofu and stir occasionally. Drop all Carrots and Celery into the pot with Tofu and allow the veggies, tofu and oil to brown together for about 5 minutes… Then Add the Chicken Broth and cover with the lid. In about, 10 minutes, the soup mixture will come to a boil. Now is the time to drop the heat to a simmer and ADD both the Cilantro and squeeze the Lime Juice into the soup. Allow the soup to simmer for another 5 – 10 minutes and serve warm.


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