Machaca Torta with a Hawaiian Twist

Machaca Torta with a Hawaiian Twist

Machaca is a combination of Mexican seasoned shredded beef and vegetables in a light mixture of scrambled egg. The added flavor comes from the King’s Hawaiian bun. This mild to spicy traditional Mexican dish is a great meal any time of the day… Read more.


As a young boy growing up in a Latino family, I took a lot of my mother’s Mexican cooking for granted. Many of her recipes are long lost in my childhood memories and I sometimes get reminded of t. It wasn’t until I paid a recent visit to my parents house that I was reminded of one of my favorite, lunch time meals that was long forgotten. A Machaca Torta is basically a shredded beef sandwich with a light mixture of peppers, salsa and egg; all on a flatbread called a torta.  I am going to teach you how to make a Machaca Torta

It is amazing how the right combination of ingredients can make every-day cooking taste this good. As I watched my mother cook this recipe I saw how much this classic recipe could be adapted to today’s, “Quick and Easy” style recipes. You will be surprised that I am using canned beef as one of the main ingredients and how I am able to stretch this meal to four servings +plus. Follow the Video and Shopping list and give it a try…
Shopping List

Ingredients / Shopping List: Feed Family of 4

– (1) 12 oz. Can Of Roast Beef
– (3) Eggs
King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Buns
La Victoria Chunky Salsa, Medium
– (1) Bell Pepper, Sliced Thin (You can use any color)
– 3-Stalks of Green Onion, Chopped
– 1- Serrano Chili, Chopped ( optional heat)
– 1-Tablespoon of Oregano Leaves
– 2-Teaspoons of Black Pepper, Garlic Salt, Minced Garlic
Optional Items: Sour Cream, Guacamole

Equipment: Fry Pan, Cooking Oil, Colander

Machaca Prep

Cooking Steps; Prep & Season the Meat

As you watch the video recipe, make sure you remove all excess juice from the can of beef. Rinse well in a colander. Now add the green onion and the optional chopped Serrano chili. Add dry spices and minced garlic into the meat and mix well as seen in the video.
Machaca Prep 1
Heat up fry pan on med/high heat. One of the keys to this recipe is to make sure you start this recipe by cooking the bell peppers first in the pan. Add some cooking oil and make sure you brown the peppers to make them nice and soft. The next step is to add the meat mixture into the fry pan. Another great tip I can offer you at this stage is to make sure you give this meat a good “browning”. In fact, it is perfectly fine to let this meat get a little burnt and crispy. This process allows all the ingredients to mix well with the meat.

Next Step: Secret Seasoning

Take two to three large tablespoons of La Victoria Chunky Salsa and add to the meat mixture while the meat is browning. The addition of the chunky salsa gives your meat that “authentic” Mexican Food flavor. Mix well and keep pan at medium to high heat
Machaca with Egg

Next Step: Time to Scramble Eggs.

Take 3 eggs and mix in a bowl. Pour eggs into the center of the fry pan of meat. Depending on your tastes, you have the option to increase the amount of eggs. I prefer to make my Machaca with the Beef as the dominant ingredient. Some people prefer more egg flavor. At this point, mix the eggs into the meat mixture as you continue to have the pan at a medium heat. The egg will begin to cook and “fluff” up your meat mixture. Make sure you thoroughly mix your egg into the meat. Lower heat when all egg appears to be cooked.


The Hawaiian Connection

Take your King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Bun and lightly toast it. Add Sour Cream on each side of the bun and take a heaping portion of your Machaca. You know have the perfect combination of sweet savory Hawaiian bread with the authentic spicy seasoning of Mexican shredded beef, called the Machaca Torta.
Machaca Final 1
Machaca with SC
Machaca Final



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