April is Grilled Cheese Month

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month?  As a father of two teens and a tween in my household, it’s seems like every day is an opportunity to celebrate this American sandwich classic. In fact, my family likes to call our grilled cheese sandwich recipes, “Grown up Grilled Cheese” because of the many varieties of cheeses, toppings and dressings we like to use in our grilled cheese sandwich recipes.


To celebrate this special month, I am going to offer my simple, yet yummy, Gluten Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich featuring, Udi’s sandwich bread. This recipe has a story behind the recipe and I am ready to share.


April weekends mean… yard work!

With a family of five, there is always somebody hungry in our family. I wrote this blog during my weekend crisis of catching up with yard work while keeping my kids fed and happy. There were no softball games to run around to; I didn’t have to be a Dad Taxi for any play-dates either; I just had to get 2 weeks worth of yard work all done in one day. To keep up with the food requests, I volunteered making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch because I know that everybody loves them.

There are a variety of cheeses, toppings, and breads that we like to use; however, over the years, our bread selection has changed.  This is due to my oldest daughter becoming more gluten intolerant with the breads and more lactose intolerant with some of the cheeses I was using. Instead of abandoning a family dinner favorite, I did my homework and became more educated on my choices.


Sacrifice Flavor?

I became more aware of the cheeses with my melts and I realized that I didn’t have to compromise flavor. I found several different cheeses that worked just fine. As for breads, I was also relieved to find Udi’s breads available in a variety of flavors and gluten free options. What a relief, Udi’s saved the day for my Grown up Grilled Cheese Night!


Udi’s Gluten Free Bread

The bread selected for today’s recipe is the Udi’s White Sandwich bread.  The cheese option is Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese with 0g of Lactose or Pilgrims Choice Londoner Cheddar Cheese.  This grilled cheese recipe is designed for a quick, little lunch made traditionally without all the fancy toppings.  I have yard work to do with a big dinner in the Crockpot, so a basic sandwich on the go is what today calls for.


The bread toasted nicely on the skillet with a small pat of butter.  After 4 minutes the cheese melted, and within 10 minutes, the kids were eating.  Paper plates were recycled, strawberries eaten, water drank, and all kids were back in the street throwing the ball and my lawnmower was waiting for me…

Thank you Udi’s for making Gluten Free bread that helps with my oldest daughter’s gluten issues. Thanks to Udi’s, I can continue to keep my “Grown Up Grilled Cheese ” as a family tradition.


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