Healthy Veggie Snack for Kids

Healthy Veggie Snack for Teens

Let’s face it, as our children grow older, it’s harder for some of us to keep healthy vegetables in front of them. I had to look back at one of my mother’s recipes using a cucumber.  Learn how to make a healthy veggie snack recipe for your teen from CookLikeADad

The Cucumber Snack

This recipe is as simple as the video shows. All you need is a kid in your family to be your “test pilot” and see if the rest of your family will enjoy this combination of crisp and fresh meets a touch of spice and sour…. Give it a try!



Ingredients: Feeds a family of 4

1 to 2 Cucumbers, peeled and sliced in “Wagon Wheels”

1 Tablespoon of Dry Chili Powder

2 Teaspoons of Black Course Pepper

1 Lime, Squeezed over the cucumber


Teens and Eating Healthy

This veggie recipe brings me back to my Latino roots. My mother always found ways to keep our family fed with healthy combinations of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, all it took was just a creative combination of adding something sour with a little spice. I can remember as a young boy that this was all it took for my brother and me to bite on the new snack.

This combination of peeling a cucumber and adding some Chili Spice and limejuice might be your solution to having your kids eat more vegetables in your home.



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