How To Make Crock Pot Carnitas

Crock Pot Carnitas Recipe

As the spring rolls into summer, some of the best cooking can come from a Crock Pot. I like the convenience of throwing all my ingredients the night before and having my dinner already done when I come home from a long day at work.

The traditional Mexican Pork Recipe called Carnitas; has many versions and it is always my goal to teach my community of Dads quick and simple ways to make meals like this, taste great. Give it a try and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Carn A

Ingredients: Feeds a Family of 5+ Plus

3-Pounds of Pork (Roast, Butt, or Shoulder will all work)

1- 12oz. Jar of Herdez Verde or Tomatillo Verde Sauce

1-8oz. Can of Chicken Broth

1-Onion, chopped, (White, Yellow or Red is fine)

1- Medium Lime

1- Bundle of Cilantro Herb

1-Tablespoon of Adobo Seasoning

2-Tablespoons of Minced Garlic

2-Tablespoons of Pompeian, Olive Extra Cooking Oil (Combination Oil of Olive, Canola and Grapeseed Oil Blend)

Equipment: 1-Sharp knife for chopping Onion, 1- Crock Pot on Low setting

Carn B

Cooking Steps: Meat Prep

Take your Pork roast out of the package and season all sides of the roast with Adobo seasoning. For those folks who don’t know what “Adobo” seasoning is; just ask your local grocer and check either the spice section or International Foods section of your local grocery store. In my video, I have several pictures of my Adobo seasoning and generally you can use any standard “seasoned salt” product. Set pork aside when done seasoning and start your Crock Pot on LOW setting.

Step 2: Prep Veggies

Take your Onion and chop it all up in course chunks. If you prefer smaller diced pieces, that’s fine too. The onion will disintegrate during the cooking process and the smaller you chop it, the faster it will dissipate and leave you with the flavor we want. Now for the Cilantro, I want you to take the “top half” of your Cilantro bundle and remove as many as the long stems as you can and keep the leaves of this special herb. We only need about half of the entire bundle for this recipe.

Carn C

I Have Changed My Oil

In this recipe I have chosen to use Pompeian Oil. I am not “pimping oil”, however, I am “pimping health” because I have discovered that the Pompeian OlivExtra blend offer the best healthy combinations of Canola, Olive and Grapeseed oil. This blend offers me and my family a healthy source of Omega-3 and Vitamin E and it is perfect for Crock Pot recipes because it does not compromise the flavor of the food in the recipe like other oils can do. Take 2- Tablespoons of Oil and drop the OlivExtra oil into the Crock Pot base. Take a napkin and wipe all sides of the crock-pot to ensure the pot is well covered.

Carn D

Step 3: Crock Meets Pig

Take ½ of your chopped Onion and place at the bottom of your crock-pot. Add (2) Tablespoons of Minced Garlic to the bottom of the crock pot and pour (1) can of Chicken Broth. Now drop the Pork Roast into the Crock Pot.  Top the roast with additional onions, sprinkle some more garlic and cover the top of the roast with half of your Cilantro. Before closing, squeeze the lime juice over the top of the roast.

Carn E

Close Lid on Roast, Set Crock Pot for 6 hours, LOW setting

At 6 hours, or whenever you get home, drain all but enough juice to cover the bottom of the crock-pot. Now, “Fork and Separate” the fat and bone from the pork. Discard any bone and fat, (although, many can appreciate the flavor of the fat; in this recipe, discard the fat).

Carn F

carn G

Carn H

Add the entire jar of Herdez Verde Sauce or Tomatillo Verde Sauce into the crock-pot while “Forking” the meat. Let the meat sit for another 30-minutes and serve with tortillas, beans and rice. For more cooking details, watch the video recipe and enjoy!


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