How To Make a Smoothie

How To Make a Smoothie

Part of my summer campaign is introducing more plant-based nutrition to my family. I want my kids to learn a variety of ways to get proper nutrition. Learn how to make a great summertime smoothie using Silk Almond and Coconut Milk.

Healthy Summertime Nutrition

This past calendar year, I have made a greater effort to focus on alternative foods for nutrition. In fact, I had incorporated “Meatless Mondays” in my weekly family meals and the results were positive. My family got to learn with me on the different varieties of plant based nutrition. We combined seasonal fruits with a variety of different salad and pasta recipes. The transition was not as hard as I had imagined.


If you are thinking of making this one-day a week menu change; I encourage you to use the summertime for this transition. The summer months provide a huge variety of fruits and vegetables that can compliment each other, without a lot of expense.

Today’s recipe is all about smoothies and how they can play an important part in your journey towards transitioning your family to plant based nutrition. Give it a try…

Silk Milk and Summer Smoothies

When school is out and you have your kids at home; it’s hard to keep them away from snacking. The problem for most families is keeping the refrigerator full with healthy snacks, versus the unhealthy ones. One of my best decisions I made this summer was to buy a heavy-duty blender and teach my kids how to make smoothies. Smoothies are the perfect snack because you can offer a variety of ingredients that can offer subtle, but important nutrition. What goes inside a smoothie makes all the difference in the world.


These are my tips on maintaining healthy ingredients in your smoothie:

  • Start your base liquid with Silk Brand Almond or Coconut Milk. Both of these milks offer less than 100 calories per serving and are packed with more calcium than dairy milk.
  • Buy seasonal fruit. Summertime offers the best deals on fruit at the grocery store and when you see your fruit start to spoil; Freeze it and store it for future smoothies.
  • Have a Whey Protein Powder on hand. This powder packs enough protein for your child to get through a day with “sustained energy”.
  • Add Greek Yogurt to the mixture. Any type of yogurt will work, but there is more of the “good stuff” packed in the Greek Style yogurt.
  • Ice Cubes, rather than crushed ice. The larger cubes broken down in the blender will melt slower; just my take on my smoothie recipe.


As you will see in this video, I let my daughter’s make the smoothie recipe. My youngest is using the new improved, Silk Dark Chocolate Almond and my other daughter is using the original, Silk Coconut Milk as their smoothie base. Sometimes, having your kids involved with the process yields greater consumption and enjoyment of the meal.

Give these smoothie recipes a try and watch this video for more tips on making the perfect Summertime Smoothie… Enjoy!


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