How to Make Banana Bacon Pancakes

Banana and Bacon: As good as it gets…

One of my first memories of a famous pancake recipe was in an American film classic. The movie, Uncle Buck showed me that it was possible to make a pancake so large that it took a “snow shovel” to flip it! I was so impressed by the size of the pancake that I have since tried multiple times to duplicate the act, (I have failed twice and succeeded once).

Anyways, breakfast is the best meal of the day to me, and pancakes are the perfect breakfast meal. As a Father of three, I like to play around with different flavors and tastes that keep my teens on their toes.  Like a “Mad Man” in a laboratory, my kitchen is the place where I do my best work…

This recent pancake concoction was a hit around my family and I recently got “the nod” from my wife.  It’s easy, simple and packed with flavor. Give it a try!


Shopping List: Feeds a Family of 4 + plus

2 – Cups of Krusteaz Pancake Mix

1 1/2- Cups of Silk, Unsweetened Almond Milk

2-3 Medium Bananas

1 Cup of Bacon Bits

½ Cube of Butter

Equipment: Griddle, Spatula, and patience…

Cake 2

Cake 3
Cooking Steps: Make the mix

Start this recipe with a small mixing bowl, add the pancake mix and unsweetened vanilla, Silk Almond Milk together and stir vigorously. In this recipe, I like to have my pancake mix a little runny, so don’t be afraid to add a little more Silk Almond Milk or water to the mix.  Using Almond Milk in this recipe makes the pancakes taste light and fluffy. Plus, adding Silk Almond Milk gives you another boost of calcium which important for your kids daily nutrition.

In a separate bowl, peel your bananas and place the peeled bananas into the bowl and mash them with a fork. Your mashed bananas should look like a bowl of lumpy mashed potatoes.  Now take the mashed bananas and add them into the pancake mix. Mix the pancake mix thoroughly making sure you have distributed the bananas in the mix.


Next Step:  The Bacon Factor

There are two ways to add bacon in this recipe; I choose Bacon Bits because it is the easier than cooking bacon and it offers less mess in my kitchen. Sliced Bacon works just as well in this recipe, so if you are using sliced bacon, now would be the time to cook the bacon and have it ready for the next step.

Heat up a griddle (fry pan) on medium heat. Grease the pan with a layer of softened butter. I like to place the butter on the pan before heating and use a napkin and smear the butter on the pan surface evenly.



Next Step: Making Pancakes

Pour the batter on the heated pan and allow the pancake to “Bubble”. When the entire pancake appears with bubbles, take a handful of Bacon Bits and sprinkle bits on the “Bubble Side” before flipping over to cook. If you are using bacon slices, place 2-3 slices over the bubbles Flip pancake and allow the bacon bit side to cook for the same amount of time. Repeat.

Serves 6-8 medium sized pancakes.



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