How to make the best Grilled Onions

How to make the best Grilled Onions

Just a few changes to an ordinary garnish can change the taste and appeal to an everyday meal. On my recent Cooking for Kids recipe, I was able to get my kids to love grilled onions; and now they ask for them by name. Learn how to make the best grilled onion recipe.

Onions Don’t have to make you cry…

One of my earliest memories cooking with my Mom as a kid in Southern California are her lessons teaching me about onions. My mom said, “Onions don’t have to make you cry, as long as you keep the onion wet…” To this day, I still cut my onions with a generous helping of water around the onion and across the blade of my knife at all times. Whether or not this is a true fact, I still keep my mother’s advice with me in the kitchen. As for this recipe, I know what a lot of folks think about when it comes to onions. There are two camps: the Onion Hater’s and the Onion Lover’s. Truth be told, I’m a Lover not a Fighter…

Veggies vs. Kids

As a father of four children, I have seen my kids take a whole new approach to my grilled onions. Like most kids with vegetables, there was no loved lost with onions. I used to love having the lion share of this garnish, and nowadays, I can’t seem to keep enough of them around any of my main entrees. This onion recipe is the perfect compliment to any Beef, Chicken, Pork or Fish recipe.  Give it a try and share with me your results.


Shopping List & Ingredients:

1-2 Medium Onions (Any type: Yellow, Red, White, Sweet)

1- Tablespoon, Minced Garlic

2- Tablespoon, McCormick’s Montreal Seasoning

2- Teaspoons of Cooking oil or Spray (Olive Oil, Canola Oil)

Equipment: Dry Fry Pan. large bowl


Cooking Steps: Slice Onions, don’t cry…

The truth is, there is no secret to this recipe. The magic comes from the process. First cut your onion into thin slices. Keep the onion wet and the blade of your knife wet for best results. This is my “No-Tears” method of cutting onions and it seems to work when you keep the onion wet.

Once you have cut your onions into slices, take a large mixing bowl and a generous tablespoon of minced garlic and work it into your tumbleweed of onions. Now add the two teaspoons of cooking oil and work it through to make sure the oil is “grabbing” the garlic and onions evenly. Sprinkle the two tablespoons of Montreal Steak Seasoning over the entire bowl of onions and mix with our hand to ensure an even coat of seasoning.





Next Step: Heat a Pan

Take a Dry Fry Pan (Skillet) on Med/High Heat. Allow the pan to heat up for at least 5- 10 minutes or when you think it is hot enough to sizzle water off the pan. Make sure you have the pan dry, because you want the maximum “Grill Effect” for your onions. As soon as you drop the onions, make sure you keep them rotating evenly and allow them to get a little “burn” on them.



Method to my madness…

I like to oil the onions and not the pan because I like the pan to “burn” the onions. It seems to work best under these conditions and I would rather stick to a dry pan and oiled onions, than the other way around. Enough said.

King’s Hawaiian… Hot Dog Buns?

In this grilled onion recipe I used my favorite lunchtime entree: Hot Dogs. Not just any hot dogs, but the ones that best compliment my grilled onions are the hot dogs with my King’s Hawaiian Hot Dog Buns. King’s just launched these hot dog buns and I am hooked on them. The buns are soft, sweet and boost the flavor of the savory taste of my grilled onion recipe. Add mustard and that’s all you need to be in grilled onion, Hot Dog Heaven. If Hot Dogs had a heaven, they would be wrapped in a King’s Hawaiian Hot Dog Bun, end of story…




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