Banana Smores, Back To School Snack Recipe

Banana Smores, Back To School Snack Recipe

Looking for a after school, easy snack idea that your kids will love? Try my Banana Smores Recipe. In 15 minutes or less you will have a Quick and Simple Snack idea that everyone will love. Back to School Snack ideas for kids from Dad Cooking Blogger, CookLikeADad

Yes, We have more Bananas…

This snack recipe idea came across my radar after my first week of school. My Tweens and Teens were raiding my refrigerator and pantry in their typical, messy fashion. I happened to be home when I caught them looking for something sweet. After a careful review of the three messes that they made, I saw the following:

-Chocolate Chips

-Banana Peels


It appears that they were all eating these items separately. So I decided to come up with a solution: why not combine these three items and add a little more to make it a complete snack? Solution. Try my Banana Smore’s Recipe as your next, after school snack for your kids…



3-4 Bananas

1- Package of Graham Crackers

1-Package of Chocolate & Butterscotch Chips

1-Package of Mini – Marshmallows

Equipment: Aluminum Foil, Toaster Oven


Cooking Steps: Slice Banana

Take a banana and slice it down the middle, leaving the peel intact. When holding banana, cut the fruit in the belly, making the banana look like a hammock. This helps keep all of your ingredients in the hammock.

Add a handful of Chocolate Chips in the banana’s belly and repeat steps with the butterscotch chips. Next, take a couple Graham Crackers and crumble them in the palm of your hand. Take these crumbles and pack them into the belly of your banana. Add a handful of Mini- Marshmallows to the top of the Banana and place the entire Banana on a sheet of Aluminum Foil.


You will want to shape the foil around the Banana like a “boat”. Close the boat of foil around the banana and place in a toaster oven on a low/medium setting, (or until you see the marshmallow melt when you open the foil).

Allow to cool and serve warm. It’s that easy!


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