How to Make the Perfect Pork Chop, Pork Chop Recipe

How to Make the Perfect Pork Chop, Pork Chop Recipe

Let me show you how to cook a perfect pork chop that will bring maximum flavor with minimum effort. The simplicity in this quick and easy pork recipe will blow you and your taste buds away. Teaching Dads how to cook everyday meals for their family one Dad at a time: that is what CookLikeADad is all about…


Pork: The Other White Meat

Most Dads that I teach in my cooking classes are skeptical about pork. They often worry that they will over or under-cook the meat and so they tell me that they just avoid pork altogether. With my pork chop recipe, I am going to share the recipe and teach you about the “tell tale” signs that will improve your confidence in cooking pork to the perfect temperature. The pork chop is easy to find in most grocery stores and is affordable. The pork chop is a perfect cut of pork that will bring your confidence back in the kitchen and out to the dinner table. Give this recipe a try and share your results with me on my facebook, twitter or pinterst page.


Shopping List / Ingredients: Feeds a family of 4+plus

(4)  8-10 oz. Pork Chops, Thick Cut (Boneless)

1- Cube of Salted Butter, softened

1- Container of Seasoned Bread Crumbs

3 – Tablespoons of Light Brown Sugar

Equipment: 1- Gallon Sized Ziploc Bag, 1- Cookie Sheet, Oven, Pre-heated to 405 Degrees F*


CookLikeADad Cooking Steps: Preheat oven, 405 F*

Un-package your pork chops and take a paper towel and make sure you pat the meat down on all sides of the chop to remove excess water or liquid. It’s perfectly fine if you have a “bone-In” pork chop, in these pictures; I am using a 2-inch thick boneless chop for the recipe.

Once you have dried the pork chop, take your 1-Gallon Ziploc bag and empty your breadcrumbs into the bag. Now add the brown sugar into the bag and shake the closed bag to allow the ingredients to mix.




Rub your meat…

The next step requires you to get a little messy. Take a thick slice of the softened butter and place the butter into your clean hands. Rub your hands together to get a nice thick layer of butter on them. Take the first pork chop and rub your hands al over the chop. Your goal is to get a nice think layer of butter on your chop. Repeat this process for all pork chops.

Now that you have your pork chops greased with a coat of butter, wash your hands and dry them. Take one chop at a time and place in your Zip-Loc bag of breadcrumbs. Gently roll the chop in the closed bag making sure that the chop is grabbing the seasoning on all sides. When done, place the coated pork chop on a dry cookie sheet. Repeat this process until all pork chops are coated.

Time to Bake…

At this stage, place your cookie sheet of pork chops into the oven. In this recipe, I am using “thick cut” pork chop and it is necessary to cook pork, like all meat thoroughly. In this recipe, I am calling for 18- 20 minutes cook time.

Key point: One of my cooking secrets to cooking pork chops is to pay attention to the pork chop while it is cooking. You can always tell a pork chop is cooked when you see the “bubbles” appear on the top of the chop. It is important to note that the breading will turn golden brown, but these little bubbles are telling you that the cooking temperature has cooked the meat at the optimum level. You should only see these bubbles appear toward the latter part of the cooking time, so don’t pull the pork chop out early. With practice, you will see what I am talking about. At this point in the recipe, your pork chops can sit aside and cool down.


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