How To Make Beef Curry

How To Make Beef Curry

If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe to introduce plant and protein nutrition to your kids, then look no further. Learn how to make Beef Curry; a perfect combination of vegetables and beef in a light curry sauce made with Silk Coconut Milk.

Shopping List / Ingredients:

Serves a Family of 4+Plus

1.25 lbs. of Sirloin Beef, trimmed and sliced

Veggie Options: Choose them all or make your selections

2 Celery Stalks, sliced

1- Red Pepper, Sliced

2- Medium Potatoes, Cut and quartered

2 Medium Carrots, sliced

Must Haves:

½ Medium Onion, Chopped

2 Cups of Silk Coconut Milk

4-Tablespoons of Mild Curry Spice

1- Tablespoon of Garlic Salt, Course Black Pepper

1- Tablespoon, Corn Starch

Cooking Oil, Large Fry Pan with lid

Silk Curry 1


Cook Like a Dad Cooking Steps: Breakdown the Meat

In this recipe, I am going to use Sirloin Steak. The Sirloin is a great cut of beef because it is affordable and easily accessible at a grocery store. I also like Sirloin because it is a lean cut of beef, packed with protein and flavor. The key to cooking Sirloin is the ability to be patient while cooking it. I get a lot of emails from my fellow, “Dad Cooking” followers who just give up too soon on cooking the Sirloin. In my recipe video, I invest about 17- 20 minutes cooking my sirloin at medium-high heat.  So, don’t give up on your meat…

Here’s my cooking tip on how to bring out the best flavor in Sirloin:

–       Prep the meat by trimming all fat away and cut thin slices as in my video

–       Chop ½ of onion and mix into a bowl with meat, lightly oiled

–       Season the bowl of onions and beef with Garlic Salt and course Ground Pepper

–       Once the oil, meat, and onions begin to cook brown; I like to slowly add water into the pan to keep the meat from burning and drying out, (see video)

–       As the water evaporates, continue to add a little and keep the meat covered with lid

Cooking Step: Ready to add the Veggies

You know when your Sirloin is ready for the next step in this recipe when you can cut the meat with a butter knife. At this point, it’s time to add the vegetables into the pan of beef and lower the heat to Med- Low and cover with lid. Make sure there is still a little liquid in the pan when placing the vegetables into the pan. Continue to stir the contents together for another 1-12 minutes or when your potatoes and carrots have softened.

Cooking Step: The Silk Factor

Silk Curry

While the veggies are softening in the fry pan, it’s now time to take 2-Cups of Silk, Coconut Milk into a bowl, and add 4-Tablespoons of your curry spice. Gently stir the powder spice into the Coconut Milk. I personally like a thick, gravy-like texture in my recipe, and that’s why I ADD a tablespoon of Corn Starch into my bowl. Give yourself plenty of time to make sure that all contents are mixed together well before pouring this mixture into the frying pan of beef and vegetables. Add mixture into the pan and stir the entire contents together slowly. Lower heat and cover with lid.

About Silk: As a father of four, I have been focused on creating a variety of recipes that all four of my children can enjoy. My job as a Dad Cooking Blogger is to offer my fans, quick and easy recipes that also offer nutrition for all ages. We all fight with picky eaters in our households, and one of the blessings to this recipe is having Silk, Coconut Milk as the base to the Curry sauce. Silk Coconut Milk is a great source of plant-based nutrition.

Final Step: Rice, please…

In this video, I made my famous “Coconut Rice” to compliment the Beef Curry. It’s an easy enough recipe to follow and you can watch my video on how to make Coconut Rice by clicking HERE.

You can also follow these steps:

Think, “2 to 1” Ratio:

2 Cups of Silk Coconut Milk, 1 Cup of Rice

Combine contents in a pot, medium heat on a stove and continue to stir

When Milk cooks into the rice, cover with lid, continue to keep heat low for another 3-5 minutes, and then turn off heat.


Editor’s Note: CookLikeADad is a paid, cooking blogger for Silk Brand products such as their Almond and Coconut Milk. These recipes are my own and I would recommend these products as ingredients in my recipes because I use them in my daily life.


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