Product Review: Garlic Press and Peeler Set

Product Review: Garlic Press and Peeler Set

Dads shop differently than Moms when it comes to certain kitchen gadgets and products. Garlic is a common ingredient in my cooking and that’s why CookLikeADad reviews Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler Set. Read more.


Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler

My kids love the variety of Italian dishes that I make for them. One of the most important ingredients in this style of cooking is garlic. Now there are a variety of ways to prepare garlic; you can buy it already prepared, minced and chopped. However, there is nothing better than taking a fresh clove of garlic and preparing it on your own.

The peeler is simple to use and as long as you have the time, this kitchen gadget is a must have in your kitchen. For more information on where to buy the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler, see the Amazon links below:

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How to use The Peeler:

Make sure the peeler is dry before use.  If it is wet inside it won’t work as well as the clove will slide around inside. Pop one, unpeeled garlic clove into the peeler. Roll it back and forth on a flat surface a few times. You should hear a bit of a crackling noise as the skin becomes separated from the garlic.

Tip the peeled clove out, then flick the peeler to knock out any loose skin from inside the tube before putting in the next clove Repeat these steps until you have enough peeled garlic.

Optimal Peeling Tip:

There is a knack to getting the best results.  If you don’t push down hard enough while you are rolling the peeler you will find that the skin doesn’t all come off, but if you press down too hard you will squash the clove, causing garlic juice to come out.  This will prevent to peeler from working as well since the juice will make the clove slide around inside when you roll. I recommend that you start with gentle pressure and see if you get clean separation of skin from the garlic.  If so, great – you have already got the hang of it!  If not, keep trying with a little more pressure until you do.  After a few cloves you should be a certified garlic-peeling veteran !


How to use the Garlic Press

To mince garlic simply place one or two peeled or unpeeled cloves in the chamber, bring the handles together and squeeze. Ensure that face of the press is pointing directly down before you press, unless you want to spray garlic mince across your kitchen!

Once you have pressed the garlic, use a knife to slice it free from the front of the press. Put your finger on the lip of the chamber, to prevent it from moving upwards, then open up the handles. If you were using unpeeled cloves the peel will still be inside the chamber.  Pick it out using your knife. Repeat the above steps till you have enough garlic mince.


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