Dad Cooking Blogger Review: Mixim Greek Yogurt

Dad Cooking Blogger Review: Mixim Greek Yogurt

CookLikeADad reviews one of the newest product ideas on serving Greek yogurt. Mixim Yogurt offers a three-compartment package that is packed with flavor options and only 160 calories. Read more.


Product Review: Mixim Yogurt

As the demand for Greek yogurt continues to grow in the U.S., CookLikeADad reviews one of the oldest European yogurt maker entering the U.S. market with a new twist on flavor. Mixim is one of the first, three compartment yogurt product packed with flavor options and only 160 calories per serving. As a Dad Cooking Blogger, I was offered some samples to take to work and review with my friends.


The Packaging: 3 Compartments

The Mixim packaging has a distinct “heart shaped” container. The largest portion is the thick creamy plain Greek yogurt, while the other two contain fruit and a topping. In the sample that I tried, I had Cherries and dark chocolate shavings. Wow, it was a great surprise in both flavor and calories. It was hard to believe that my yogurt and flavor combination was only 160 calories. What a great snack to fit in between my busy day to help me keep away from junk food snacking. The girls in my office were equally impressed and tried the Strawberry Granola combination and the Mango/Pineapple with Coconut/Almonds with the same positive reviews about the packaging, flavor and calorie count.

Kids Test

As a father of 15-year old and 12 year old daughters, you better believe it is not easy to please both daughters at the same time when it comes to snacks. Thanks to the wide variety of Mixim flavor varieties, I was able to keep my daughters happy. My oldest daughter tried the brand new Maple Syrup with Waffle pieces, as my younger daughter wanted the new variety pack, (because why just choose one flavor dad?).


Mixim Yogurt can be found in the dairy section at your grocery store with the rest of the yogurt brands. You can also get more information regarding their latest flavors, nutritional information and links to both their Facebook and Twitter pages below:

Mixim Website

Twitter Page

The Story behind Mixim: Ehrmann

Don’t be confused by the name, the makers of Mixim Yogurt is Ehrmann which has a long history in the dairy business. Ehrmann has created yogurt enjoyed by consumers around the world for nearly 100 years. It may be a new name to consumers in the US, but they are not new to the yogurt business. Among the leading dairies in Europe, the Ehrmann family learned the craft of yogurt-making in Oberschönegg in Bavaria, Germany in 1929. From their roots as a local dairy producer in Germany, Ehrmann expanded throughout Europe, as well as into many international markets. Today, consumers can enjoy Ehrmann yogurt products in 40 different countries. Ehrmann owns and operates production facilities in Germany, Russia and now in the US with their newest facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. You can find Mixim yogurt.

In summary,

In summary, my family and co-workers enjoyed Mixim yogurt for the taste, variety of flavors and the nutrition. Great for adults looking for a healthy mid-day snack or for kids who love the options of mixing the three varieties of flavors together.


Editors Note: This was not a paid review. The thoughts, opinions stated in this review are my own and would be the same I would give to my friends, family and even enemies. CookLikeADad and it’s employees did not receive any compensation for this review.


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