Joe’s Mad Meatloaf

This Meatloaf Rocks!


As you may know, Monday is meatloaf night in my family for quite some time now, and after tasting many different flavor combinations of different recipes, I’m happy to share a real winner here that you and your kids will love with this Cook Like a Dad recipe.


Shopping List: Feeds a Family of 4

1/2 lb. Ground Sirloin

1/2 lb. Ground Turkey

1/2 lb. Chorizo

1 Cup Thyme

1 Cup Tarragon

1/2 Cup Rosemary

1/2 Cup Black Pepper

1/2 Cup Himalayan Salt

1/2 Cup Italian Herbs

2 Cups Panko Bread Crumbs

3 Eggs

Sauce Ingredients:

2 Cups Organic Tomato Sauce

1 Cup Tomato Paste1/2 Cup Sundried Tomatoes

1/2 Cup Virgin Olive Oil

2 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Cup Worchester

2 Tbsp Honey 

4 Strips Maple Bacon


Meatloaf Marriage

Going to take all three kinds of meats and marry them together with the three eggs that are whisked together. As you’re mixing the meat together, you pour in the bread crumbs a little at a time. After you mix in your Bread Crumbs, you bring in all of the chopped up herbs/ spices.

Take a Pyrex “bread loaf” pan/dish, and fill it with the apple-cider vinegar/Worcester/table spoons of honey, and start laying in the beef, till it conforms to the dish. Take your bacon, (making sure it conforms to the dish as well) and lay it on the top of your formed meatloaf. Put finished meatloaf with bacon layered on top, and place in a preheated oven: 385*, for 30-minutes.


The Sauce is the Boss

Take all of the cans of sauce, and bring them together in a bowl. Blend the sun-dried tomatoes and Olive Oil together, and then add to the sauce. When Meatloaf has been in the oven for the allowed time, take out of the oven, and spread the sauce over the meatloaf, but first taking the bacon off of the meatloaf. Once sauce has been properly spread, then put back in the oven, and let bake for another 20-minutes. Take out of the oven, and let sit for 10-minutes out of the oven. Turn over, and let meatloaf slide out.

Note: sauce has to be very “cakey”, to know that it’s done. And there is your meatloaf.



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