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CookLikeADad.com is part of the SingleDad Media Network and was established in 2008 by Richard ‘RJ’ Jaramillo. RJ’s passion for parenting and running a household with three children for the past 12 years inspired him to develop CookLikeADad. Rj Jaramillo, ( pronounced, Hada-me-yo) is a  Latino Cooking Blogger, born and raised in Southern California. Rj has a unique way of blending his Hispanic cooking roots into his everyday, family meals.

The Demand for Dad Cooking Bloggers: More Dads are taking an increased role in the household duties of America and many of them have jumped into the kitchen and want to learn more about cooking. Dad Cooking Bloggers are in hot demand because Dads want to learn from other Dads by watching easy to follow Video Recipes on CookLikeADad.

CookLikeADad is a website is dedicated to helping:

-Busy, Families on the Go who need, Quick and Easy Family Recipes.

Single Parents Learning How To Cook for their Family for the First Time.

College Students who want to learn how to cook, grocery shop, and basic meal planning.

Parents wanting to Learn, Cooking For Kids, Cooking For Teens and Cooking For Fussy Eaters

Our Videos will cover all levels of cooking; from the Dad who needs to know everything, to the Dad who just needs a few tips. We have you covered. Plus, our content is going to address the stages of family cooking and all the challenges that come with a growing family. From Toddlers to Teens, to everything in between; CookLikeADad is your network for recipes and resources for Dads.


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